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Our ingredients: No water, chemicals, perfume or microplastics.

We have our quality confirmed by independent tests and certificates. You will therefore find the Natrue natural or organic cosmetics seal on all products and vegan cosmetics are labelled PETA Vegan. Our beeswax is organic or Demeter quality and comes from northern Germany.

We have set up a laboratory equipped to food standards for the production of natural cosmetics. It is produced under strict hygiene conditions. When selecting the raw materials, we make sure to use 100% natural ingredients from transparent sources and explain these on every product ‘unbureaucratically’ in understandable language. Parabens, silicones and water are of course not used in our products.


Finally, a care range from Germany that pampers all types of curls as well as dry hair in need of care thanks to its rich oils and ingredients. Whether you have afro hair or wavy hair, Afrolocke products moisturise, strengthen brittle hair fibres and improve combability. Our products define your curls.

Dermatologically tested and vegan.

Packaging made from lightweight amber glass or bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

For supple hair and lively curls!

Apeiron Natural Care

The Apeiron brand offers a wide range of Ayurvedic oral hygiene products. In addition to pure rose water, the company founded by Thomas Olbert in 1999 also offers various face and body products.

Ancient cultures knew centuries ago that strong gums and regular oral hygiene go hand in hand. For example, the fibrous chewed branches of the neem tree were used as a natural toothbrush. In addition to neem, nature has other effective helpers for stable oral flora and strong teeth. Many plants have antioxidants and contain antimicrobial and strengthening substances. Over 30 different plants with complementary effects are used in Auromère® Oral Hygiene System.


The new natural cosmetics brand Ayluna is inspired by love and the oriental tradition of well-being. Organic, vegan and halal, it combines Orient and Occident – just like the two founders Aynur and Heinz Jürgen Weiland. Ayluna combines the best of both worlds: The sensual feel-good tradition of an oriental hamam, as well as the gentle naturalness and certified quality of German natural cosmetics.

The two have a special love for the plants that grow in Aynur’s home country of Turkey: hazelnut and sesame oil, pomegranates, figs and, of course, roses. These plants can also be found in Ayluna cosmetics – wherever possible in organic quality and, of course, under fair conditions for the growers. The sensual, gentle, naturally scented body and hair care is also vegan and halal, because Ayluna is designed to inspire people of all lifestyles.


For more balance & vitality – 100% certified organic – Ayurvedic knowledge combined with innovative science.

Heinrich and Sabine Jacob have made it their life’s work to enrich people’s lives with more balance and vitality with high-quality organic Ayurvedic products. They combine the holistic, 5,000-year-old knowledge of Ayurveda with innovative science and develop products to the highest German quality standards.

The founders are uncompromising when it comes to quality and fairness. They attach great importance to flawless raw materials and the highest production standards. The formulas of the effective natural cosmetics are developed by the most renowned Ayurveda experts in India and, thanks to the innovative extraction process, contain the entire healing power of plants in the highest concentration. All herbs come from certified organic cultivation areas and are grown and harvested by long-standing suppliers in harmony with the environment.


The sun care line from Belgium includes a wide range of innovative sun cosmetics. Thanks to a special production process developed by Provera SA and the unique composition of the sun creams and sprays, Biosolis products hardly whiten or do not whiten at all.

In its sun care products, Biosolis combines natural mineral filters, organic plant oils and the nourishing power of aloe vera to create effective, safe sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. They are environmentally friendly and packaged in recyclable containers.


BIOTURM natural cosmetics – helps the skin!

Bioturm is a family business from the Westerwald and is known as THE specialist for effective, certified natural cosmetics with a large selection, especially for skin problems. The combination of the Lacto-Intensive Active Complex made from organic whey and high-quality active ingredients in the medical cleansing and care products ensures optimum tolerance and more vital skin.

The vegan range for normal skin includes numerous shower gels, body creams, shampoos, conditioners and styling products, many of which are also available as sustainable plastic-free solid products.


BÔ’s research and development laboratory has developed the first long-lasting solid organic deodorant:

a minimalist, effective formula with 100% ingredients of natural origin

BÔ is based on a synergy of natural active ingredients: organic plant butter for a smooth texture, sodium bicarbonate to neutralise bad odours and diatomaceous earth to absorb moisture. BÔ-STICK is the first 100% renewable deodorant in a weatherproof wooden applicator that eliminates the use of plastic in the product itself and minimises waste production throughout its life cycle.

Boho Green

The decorative cosmetics brand Boho Green was founded in France in 2012. It offers a wide and colourful range of nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc.

The formulas are made with care from organically grown ingredients such as vegetable oils, waxes, plant extracts (apricot, shea butter, sunflower, corn, etc.).

The certified organic products are made from renewable raw materials and are processed using environmentally friendly methods, without genetic engineering, silicones or parabens. The COSMEBIO label, the world’s leading association for organic cosmetics, guarantees the brand’s commitment. The result is authentic organic products that fulfil the ethical and technical criteria of the founding charter.

The word Green in Boho Green therefore stands for exactly what it translates as: green. The manufacturer has made a very conscious decision to include this addition in the name and consistently implements ‘being green’, from the raw materials to the packaging to the display material.

CMD Naturkosmetik

CMD is known for its unique tea tree oil line, which is ideal for blemished and pustule-prone skin. The tea tree oil cosmetics range now includes more than 30 products. The coconut line, which is made from pure, cold-pressed coconut oil, is also popular not only because of its fragrance but also because of its moisturising effect.

The company’s philosophy of ‘less is more’, its extensive expertise and the ability to offer everything from development to dispatch from a single source are important features that set CMD Naturkosmetik apart from other suppliers.

Dudu-Osun, Dudu-Shea, Unicorn

The Dudu-Osun and Dudu-Shea black soaps and skincare products are made in Nigeria using pure, natural ingredients from the country of origin. The high-quality products for natural daily face and body care are

suitable for all skin types – especially for problem skin
ideal for daily cleansing of the body, face, hair and for shaving
Plastic-free alternative to liquid products
100% biodegradable

From plastic-free soaps and care products to a liquid wood soap box or a natural miswak toothbrush, the unicorn collection has everything to make your green heart beat faster.

ECO by Naty

26 YEARS OF INNOVATION – Eco by Naty is the leading brand for ecological nappies and hygiene products.

Back in 1994, they had the idea of producing nappies from plant-based and compostable materials. Now Eco by Naty is the world’s leading ECO brand, focussing on compostable products that go back into the earth.

Eco by Naty offers various ecological hygiene products: panty liners, pads, tampons, toilet and wet wipes

eco cosmetics

Eco Cosmetics‘ passion is the development of effective natural cosmetics that fulfil the highest demands in terms of application and effectiveness, as well as protecting the environment. This starts with the selection of active ingredients and ingredients through to CO2-neutral production. The products are certified by ecocert – animal testing is of course taboo! One innovation, for example, is sun and mosquito protection in one.

Eco Cosmetics has developed a new sun protection line that makes it particularly easy for you to protect and care for your skin. The spray tube enables even distribution on the body and face with a fine spray mist. The mineral-based sun protection complex protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. We also add nourishing ingredients such as pomegranate seed oil and raspberry oil to our products. Pomegranate protects your skin from moisture loss and helps it to regenerate. Raspberry oil nourishes the skin, keeps it supple and protects it from premature ageing. It is even said to provide natural UV protection.


Plant-based hair colours with Ayurvedic plants. EMBLICA hair colours are made exclusively from plants that are grown organically to protect the environment, your skin and your hair. 100% natural and organic. Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

Fair Squared

FAIR SQUARED is an alternative trade organisation with the aim of reducing the imbalance in global trade. In 2010, the first FAIR SQUARED products were distributed in England via OXFAM and Amnesty International. The idea was quickly taken up by various student organisations in the UK and they ensured further distribution in England.

The first products were condoms, hand creams and lip care. Demand grew quickly and additional distribution partners began selling FAIR SQUARED products in Scandinavia and Benelux. In 2013, the company moved to Cologne, changed its name to FAIR SQUARED GmbH and relocated its production to the German part of the Eifel Nature Park. The product range grew from 12 to 150 items. FAIR SQUARED products are now sold throughout Europe.

All FAIR SQUARED natural cosmetics are NATRUE-certified. This means that the products are made exclusively from natural ingredients. All products are free from genetically modified substances, microplastics, palm oil, mineral oils, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial preservatives. The formulations of FAIR SQUARED products are developed in-house and constantly monitored.


Many years before the FINigrana glass nail file was launched on the German market in 1998, the company had already increasingly focussed on organic and natural cosmetics.

25 years after the FINigrana Naturkosmetik brand was founded, the range of both Aleppo soaps and organic shea butter has grown steadily. Skin oils and body butters are lovingly produced and bottled by hand in the company’s own organic factory in Korschenbroich.

Discover the pure shea and cocoa butter, the nourishing blends, the Aleppo soaps that still come from the Aleppo region, the glass nail and callus files and soap nuts for organic laundry.

Florascent Parfums

In the tradition of 17th century European perfumery, the Florascent fragrance manufactory presents a special collection of fine natural perfumes under the name Florascent Parfumeurs. Thanks to particularly gentle distillation and extraction processes, the exclusively plant-based raw materials used retain their naturalness and unadulterated radiance.

Göttin des Glücks

Göttin des Glücks stands for sustainability, transparency and fairness. The name guarantees maximum social and ecological transparency along the entire value chain. Göttin des Glücks is a brand for fair trade goods that have been produced sustainably. We are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative products with a contemporary design to offer sustainable, fair alternatives. Because sustainable and fair can also be stylish and affordable.

At the Goddess, the focus is on you! Me Time at a sustainable feel-good level – that’s what you’ll find at Göttin des Glücks. She offers you everything you need to make yourself FAIR in your hectic everyday life. All products are produced to the highest possible social and ecological standards.


Naturalness meets effectiveness

Regional plant heroes – no need for exotic ingredients. Superfoods for skin and hair also grow in our forests and gardens. Well-known medicinal plants play just as important a role here as the newly discovered powers found in many native plants.

HERBALIND focuses on the combination of valuable, local organic extracts with powerful, natural active ingredients. All HERBALIND products are 100% NATRUE certified and guarantee genuine and certified natural cosmetics based on the highest, verifiable standards.


Founded in 1978, i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin GmbH is today one of the longest-established manufacturers of natural cosmetics in Germany. Founder Inge Stamm is one of the most experienced developers of natural cosmetics in Germany.

Organic, vegan, fair and natural.

khadi Naturprodukte

Ayurvedic formulas – The formulas for natural hair and body care are developed together with Ayurvedic doctors in the belief in the healthy unity of body and mind. This philosophy is reflected in all active ingredients and products.

Certified natural cosmetics – khadi is certified, plant-based and vegan natural cosmetics. Only skin-friendly active ingredients from nature are used – no animal or synthetic ingredients such as paraffins, silicones, synthetic colourings, fragrances or preservatives (parabens).

Indian plant power – highly effective Indian raw materials of the very best quality are used in the manufacture of khadi products. Discover selected exotic active ingredients and their powers: aloe vera, amla, bhringaraj, brahmi, cassia, henna, jatropha, neem, reetha and shikakai. From these, khadi develops high-quality plant hair colours, hair oils, shampoos, body oils and shower gels according to traditional Ayurvedic production methods.

Kost Kamm

The wealth of experience of the old guild of comb makers is rooted in the family history. The ancestors of the Kamm family have been comb makers for several generations. By combining traditional craftsmanship with the application of new techniques, it is possible to produce combs that fulfil the high demands of functionality, sustainability and design beauty. For the product development and design of the combs, brushes, shaving and jewellery articles, attention to detail in colour and shape is crucial. Respectful treatment of nature is one of the foundations of the company’s philosophy.

Laboratoires de Biarritz

Laboratoires de Biarritz was founded in France in 2010, where they have strongly influenced the market with their fantastic sun care products. They can now rightly call themselves number 1 in the French organic market.

AlgaMaris Sun Spray SPF 50+, THE revolution among purely mineral sun protection products. This sun protection spray is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and leaves no white film on the skin after application. With its fluid texture, this spray is quick and easy to apply.


Innovative natural cosmetics that combine quality, people and nature. All Lamazuna cosmetics are organic, fairly produced, vegan and plastic-free.

Lamazuna helps to reduce waste by producing environmentally friendly, sustainable and handmade products that also look good in the bathroom. Wherever possible, only raw materials from controlled organic cultivation are used in production and great importance is attached to fair working conditions. The range consists mainly of solid beauty products with rich formulas that are easy to use: solid shampoo, solid toothpaste, solid deodorant, solid shaving soap.

In addition, Lamazuna also carries smart reusable items such as washable wipes, menstrual cups and oriculi (innovative wooden ear cleaner) to reduce waste in the long term. Lightweight, compact and with no risk of spilling, the products are very easy to travel with and the perfect companion in any situation.


Naturally beautiful!

As a pioneer of natural cosmetics, LOGONA has consistently relied on the gentle power of plants for almost 45 years. All the richness of nature can be found in the products. Continuous research, development and improvement have resulted in a complete range of strictly controlled natural cosmetics.

The idealism and aspirations that once gave rise to LOGONA still characterise the company today.

The best possible cosmetics with and from nature for everyone.


Maroma comes from Auroville in southern India. It has been producing incense sticks, fragrances, cosmetics and fair trade products since the late 1970s. Today, Maroma employs over 100 people in Auroville and exports to more than 25 countries.

All Maroma products are made by hand with great attention to detail and impress with their creative packaging. The balanced fragrances are made from natural oils, essences and resins.

Michael Droste-Laux

With today’s denatured Western diet and lifestyle habits, everyone produces excess acid every day. The sweet temptations of life in the form of stimulants of all kinds, stress and pressure to perform as well as little sleep and regeneration contribute to hyperacidity of the connective tissue. Not to mention the influence of the digital world on body and mind. Excess acid load is deposited in the connective tissue and hardens the structure. If the absorption capacity is exhausted, the body seeks the path of acid excretion via the skin, which reacts with blemishes, pimples and pustules. Intestinal sluggishness and constipation can trigger eczema, inflammation and itching.

While the formulations of conventional cosmetics are usually based on acids, Michael Droste-Laux uses the antagonist of the acid, namely the base, which has been known for centuries from good old curd soap, for example. Similar to healing clay, a suction effect is created on the skin according to the physical law of skin osmosis. Acidic toxins are leached out via the skin and bound and neutralised as if by a blotting paper. The result is a clear complexion and an incomparably fine skin feeling.


1900: The activity of the master soap makers of the Najjar family begins when the great-uncle of the current managing director Manar Najjar starts producing Aleppo soap. Today, Najel sells its traditional soaps, shampoos, oils and detergents in over 26 countries.

The compositions of olive and laurel oil are particularly recommended for the care of very sensitive skin and are also suitable for acne. Used regularly, your skin is gently cleansed and moisturised. Najel offers you natural and organic cosmetics of impeccable quality based on the solid foundation of the craftsmanship of the master soap makers.


Niyok is a certified natural cosmetics brand that brings sustainability directly into the bathroom. Niyok focuses on what is important: certified and vegan ingredients, sustainable packaging and maximum transparency. Everyday products in particular should be as natural and sustainable as possible. After all, we use them every day, which is why they not only have a major impact on our bodies, but also on nature. Niyok, a young start-up from Berlin, was born from this basic idea.

Natural toothpaste made from coconut oil. Niyok combines the oral care properties of coconut oil with the functional benefits of toothpaste. Thanks to the high proportion of coconut oil, Niyok has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

All products are natural, transparent and sustainably packaged. The ingredients are selected according to minimalist criteria and carefully put together. The chalk tube is a big step towards natural and plastic-free packaging.

No Bullsh!t

No Bullsh!t is a Swiss start-up. The deodorant creams are all produced in Switzerland, are vegan and the raw materials used are from controlled organic cultivation. The essential oils are sourced from Swiss retailers.

No Bullsh!t products are 100% natural, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, vegan, preservative-free and Swiss made.


Paperlapapp Ökoprodukte offers a diverse selection in the areas of fragrances and cosmetics, incense, stationery and candles.

The criteria are: either recycling, fair trade, ecological, organic, social, handicraft or as many of these basic attributes as possible. Purchasing these products primarily supports small (family) businesses in Switzerland, Germany, India, Nepal or Mexico that prioritise sustainable production and offer fair working conditions.

The brands on offer include: Auroville Papers, Colibri, Esence d’Auroville, Kostkamm, Memo and Saling.


Rosenrot produces its own products, entirely by hand and based on its own recipes. Because it is only through our own handiwork that the products become something truly special – full of passion and individuality. Rosenrot was one of the first in Germany to produce solid shampoos (and now also many other body and hair care products) in fine organic quality years ago. The organic soaps are also carefully handmade using the traditional cold-stirring process.

Rosenrot is one of the few ‘genuine’ natural cosmetics manufacturers that produce locally and deliberately avoid industrialisation. This makes each product unique. Rosenrot is based in Eutin, the famous ‘rose town’ on the coast of northern Germany. The beauty and ruggedness of this marvellous region are reflected in the natural cosmetic products.


SANTE is an uncomplicated, trendy brand that has a firm place in the organic trade. The range is growing from year to year. The natural cosmetics brand, which is created and manufactured in Germany, offers highly effective and natural care products that make skin and hair glow in a gentle way.

SANTE is convinced that nature offers us the best solutions for healthy and radiant skin. Highly effective products combined with dermatological knowledge and intensive care effects. All products are carefully tested and certified to guarantee their effectiveness and compatibility.

For over three decades, the SANTE brand has stood for the combination of effectiveness and naturalness. It pursues a holistic approach that extends to the careful selection of ingredients, packaging materials and environmentally friendly production processes.

The active ingredients: More than 40 extracts are produced in the in-house extraction plant.

Savon du Midi

Savon du Midi soaps are made in small soap factories using traditional Provençal soap-making expertise. The result of this predominantly artisanal production method is mild and nourishing soaps of the highest quality.

A piece of Provence in the bathroom. Soaps made from shea butter, argan oil or with fine plant extracts – the choice is huge. The fragrances range from floral and delicate to herbal and tangy. Pamper your skin with the lovingly crafted soaps from Savon du Midi.


The company Soultree produces Ayurvedic kajals. These are made from handmade charcoal using a traditional process. The charcoal is combined with almond oil, mineral clay and ghee to create a distinctive Ayurvedic kajal.

The ayurvedic kajals are produced in different colours. Let yourself be enchanted by the splendour of colours.


Since its foundation in 1972, Urtekram has been selling its products not only in the Scandinavian countries but also in the EU and Asia. The brand includes a wide range of certified natural cosmetics. The design is young, fresh and modern. See for yourself.

What’s behind the Danish name:

URTE | Herbs – KRAM | Embrace

Urte – these are the herbs and plant-based ingredients used in the biodegradable products.
Kram – that is a loving, warm embrace of nature.

All Urtekram products are:

made in Denmark
certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organic
99-100% natural origin
filled in plant-based packaging
not tested on animals

We Love The Planet

100% natural products – We Love The Planet was created out of passion and love for our planet. We find it extremely important to know what ingredients are in a product and where they come from. Our starting point is always to find the most sustainable and responsible solution. We sell various beauty products, room fragrances and soya candles.

The deodorants from We Love The Planet are made from 100% natural ingredients and are certified organic. No synthetic and skin-damaging substances or aliminium have been added. This makes the deodorants better for your skin and better for our planet! They are available in eight different fragrances as a deodorant cream or as a handy deodorant stick. The deodorants are suitable for both men and women.

The lip balm consists of 100% natural ingredients and is packaged in a cardboard tube. This new lip balm contains high-quality, natural and organic oils and butters and is free from synthetic substances. The sun stick is a sunscreen that is available in two different versions: SPF 20 and SPF 30. This natural sunscreen is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


One of the oldest natural cosmetics manufacturers in existence. Weleda was founded in 1921 by none other than the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. Since then, Weleda has been writing natural cosmetics history.

The name Weleda expresses the deep connection between man and nature. Wise women with healing powers used to be called Veleda.

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